LED wings and car lamps in the automotive industry

LED car lights and wings: Nowhere precious electricity must be produced as much as in the car. Therefore it is also surprising that many major car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Opel etc. now put LED vehicle light on that. As this is also resistant to shocks.

Great advantage of LEDs in the road transport is the responsiveness of diodes. LEDs react as a rule some moments faster than usual light bulbs. These moments can be enormously valuable in brenzlichen situations on the road.

Some examples of LED light sources in the automotive industry:

BMW 730d with LED lighting

Current 7 series BMW offers attractive LED rear light in the tube design, as well as LED indicators. Here BMW 730d 2009.

Audi A4 Limousine  and Avant with LED car lights

Audi also uses e.g. A4 sedan and A4 avant LED car bulbs – here as a parking light or daytime running lights.

Mercedes E 63 LED AMG T LED LED wings and car lamps in the automotive industry

Also Mercedes chooses safe and long-lasting LED car lights. LEDs can be found e.g. in current E-class, Mercedes E-63 AMG T-model.

Opel Insignia LED lighting

Opel is the new insignia and insignia combined also with LED car lights at the front. These complete the insignia design and contribute to the attraktiverem appearance of the car.

Now there are LED wings and lights to re-tool for your interior. Bright LED wings and auto lamps are available in different versions and forms, such as xenon white SMD LED wings with 42-44 mm length, SuperFlux sky 35-37 mm or 12V LED with W5W Xenon base.

The installation in the vehicle interior is child’s play, old Xenon must from the version be found and LED uses soffit – done! No soldering or programming must be made. The LED car lights and SMD wings are standardized sizes.


BMW 3 Series Coupé and convertible revised, course the LED light and LED has been redesigned thoroughly lamps, so that BMW 3 looks better and more dynamic with LEDs.

BMW 3er coupe LED Light 316d 320d 325d 335d

Facelift with new LED light have agreed BMW 3 Series Coupé and Cabrios: 316d, 320d, E90 and 335d.

BMW 3er cabrio LED lamps 318i 320i 325i 335i

As well, the gasoline engine of the BMW 3 series were overhauled and complemented with modern LED car lights and wings: 318i, 320i, 325i and 335i.

As well as the new 5 series BMW, internal designations F10, has also 3 white LED round lights as day driving lights. By LEDs, it is better seen and saves also fuel because the lighting consumes less power.

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