TÜV checked: Bioledex NUMO LED bulbs

Mai 5th, 2012

Quality at its best! TÜV tested LED pears of Bioledex: NUMO E27 and E14.

The experts of TUV Rheinland have checked the NUMO series of manufacturer Bioledex. And these products awarded the TIV Seal.

Directly to the products:

arrow TÜV checked: Bioledex NUMO LED bulbs TÜV checked: Bioledex NUMO LED E27 socket
arrow TÜV checked: Bioledex NUMO LED bulbs TÜV checked: Bioledex NUMO LED E14 socket

Pears are available with versions E27 and E14 Bioledex NUMO LED. Light bulbs 40 Watt, 60 Watts easily replace efficient lamps. The brightness and the color of light are very good, and enjoy many of our clients.

If you so find light bulbs alternative, and keep not so much of the energy-saving bulbs, own to very well that TÜV of tested Bioledex lamps.

New G24 LED lamps – G24 better energy saving lamps

Juni 27th, 2011

It’s time for new products. This time there are eco-friendly G24 LED lamps. You provide ideal retrofit solution for old G24 energy saving lamps.

G24 compact tubes are often used in the recessed and have 2 or 4 pins. Connected the normal version is similar to fluorescent tubes on a ballast. It changes abruptly with LEDs! Leutdioden can be used without any expensive ballasts lamps. This saves money and even more precious energy, since the ballasts and electronic ballasts consume some Watts.

G24 LED lamps

Following universal G24 LED lamps lamps are available at reasonable prices:
G24 LED G24d-1 2Pin lamp
G24 LED 2Pin G24d-2 energy-saving lamp
G24 LED G24d-3 2Pin retrofit lamps
In addition to energy savings offers a lamp change on energy saving lamps with semiconductor technology far from more advantages. For example, instant switching on of light sources – without heat-up phase, as well as waiver of mercury.

New LED wings, LED car lamps 12V 24V

Mai 29th, 2011

New development in the field retrofit LED wings and Automotive LED car lamps! The new sky work both 12 volt and 24 volt eagerly. The car electronics LED lamps allows voltages from 10 to 30. Now nobody must between the car LED lights, truck wings and camper LED lamps for different voltage select: 1 LED soffit fits anywhere.

LED wing 12v, LED Car lightCAr LED lamp 24v 12v

LED wings / LED car lamps are cost-effectively available in several sizes and brightnesses: 36-37 mm with 3 SMD LEDs as well as 6 5050 SMDs. 3 different 42-44 mm LED car lights: 3 SMD car light, 6 SMD car lamp, as well as 9 SMD car lamps.

The LED car lamps fit for many vehicles such as: BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Skoda, VW, Opel, Renault, Peugeot, Subaru, Toyota, Citroen, Dacia, seat, smart, Suzuki, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Saab, Chevrolet, mini, Fiat, Ford, VW, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Lancia, Mazda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Daihatsu.

Also for recreational / caravan manufacturer: Maple, Dethleffs, Eifelland, fendt, hobby, Hymer, Knaus / Tabbert and basic models of VW, Ford, Mercedes.

Also many bus, truck models suitable for, e.g. of trucks manufacturers, as well as bus manufacturers: DAF trucks, EvoBus, Fiat, Iveco, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, Mercedes, NEOPLAN, Renault trucks, Setra, Scania, Volvo trucks.

Voltage start prices the new car LED already at 3,99 Euro – wings for 12V and 24V unbeatably cheap to purchase.

Warm white LED Christmas lights: ideal Christmas lights with Bioledex LEDs

Mai 21st, 2011

LED Christmas lamps can be SO beautiful! To see the image, the Christmas lights in Augsburg is in 2009. Augsburg has after long and intensive testing for high-quality warm white LED Christmas lights of the brand Bioledex. The result of this decision has made very happy all of the parties.

LED Christmas lights for Christmas lighting with warm white Bioledex LED lamps

Original photo by the Augsburger of Christkindlesmarkt, Christmas tree.

The warm white colour of the Bioledex LED Christmas lamps (E14 and E27 bases) has very pleased numerous visitors of the Christmas market and many people were even surprised that such Christmas atmosphere with modern lamps is possible.

The city of Augsburg General, Lord Mayor, the construction Office and market Office were also convinced by the E27 LED lamp of the brand Bioledex. With the use of special LED Christmas lights, the Government saves namely 5500,-euro per season! Electricity costs amounted to only 500,-euro. With normal incandescent lamps and light bulbs, Christmas lighting cost approximately 6000,-euro. Long burn time also plays the LED lights role for municipalities, districts, cities, markets.

Contact the specialists with experience in the field of LED Christmas lights: contact.

LED floodlights 10W as 100W halogen floodlights

April 6th, 2011

New 10W LED floodlights available. High-quality Bioledex ® 10 watt LED floodlights replace normal 100W halogen floodlights/gas discharge lamps and metal halide lamps.

This LED floodlights are super equipped for outdoor, because they are waterproof to IP65 specifications. Energy-saving LED lights in two different colours of light are available, warm white 3000K and 6000K white. White version of the LED outdoor light makes 800 lumens light output. White LED floodlights reach 900 lumens of 10 Watt power consumption.

LED Floodlights

Bioledex ® LED floodlights are due to compact design very flexible in Assembly and handling. With this LED you have not the problem that R7s floodlights blow lamps headlamps, light-emitting diodes known wise extremely long burn. In addition, power savings and thus cost reduction is enormous, with only 10W, this spot is so bright halogen floodlight as 100W.

Energy-saving lamps in foundation products test

März 29th, 2011

Test of Foundation products-test April 2010 noted enormous shortcomings in current energy-saving bulbs to energy-saving bulbs. Of 28 energy saving lamps 6 ESL models were „poorly“, 14 received the note „sufficient“ and 5 „satisfactory“. Overall a devastating judgment the Foundation products test for energy-saving lamps.

Click here more information about the tested energy saving lamps and testing requirements: Energy-saving lamps in Foundation products-test.

LED lamps compared to consumer: Bioledex the brightest LED lamp

März 25th, 2011

Austrian test magazine consumer, Association for consumer’s information VKI, tested LED lamps. Result: Bioledex LED bulb E14 is the brightest LED lamp.

KONSUMENT LED lamps comparison

The independent Austrian magazine consumer compared in issue 2 / 2010 9 current LED lamps and write…

„Only a LED lamp stands out from the test range: the Bioledex, a maiskolben-shaped lamp with small cap and 8 watts of power.“ It comes on a luminous efficiency of 77 lumens per watt. „At a cost of 30 euros she brought to 10,000 hours a costs savings of approximately 140 euro.“


Bioledex LED bulb 8 watts of power with E14 socket. The Bioledex lamp with E27 is available with socket. According to test the innovative LED lamp offers a total of 662 lumens light output (equivalent to a 60 watt bulb), which corresponds to 77 lumens per watt. An outstanding value which not only LED lamp again reached in the test. The second best result was only 36 lumens per watt. Bioledex LED bulb is therefore twice as efficient as the second most efficient lamp in the comparison.

Still it says in the report of the Austrian Association for consumer information on normal energy saving lamps (ESL)…

„LED lamps are more durable as energy-saving bulbs“

„Energy-saving bulbs have the disadvantage that they are strongly lose at low temperatures of brightness also.“ „You are poorly suited as outdoor lighting, LED bulbs are so much better“

G23 LED lamps: 2-pin G23 compact fluorescent lamps

März 24th, 2011

G23 LED Lamps – it eagerly waited many consumers. Because so far it was hardly possible obsolete 2 pin to replace G23 compact fluorescent lamps. Middle way is technology of the compact fluorescent lamps total in the year, and lamps are G23 LED predecessor to lengths more fuel efficient and longer-lasting as their G23.

G23 LED lamps instead of G23 compact fluorescent lamps

LED lamps with 2-pin G23 version have high light output of 440 lumen and consume energy only 6 watts. So, the G23 LEDs reach more than 70 lumens per watt, an outstanding value of efficiency. This led, SMD LED lamps, the white light consumer, 6000K be used.

Modern, eco-friendly 2-pin SMD G23 lamp so usual G23 CFLs replaced, regardless of whether you use LED lamp with or without transformer.

LED plant light PAR38 E27 red blue

März 21st, 2011

LED light source ever conquer our everyday lives and help save countless tons of CO2 and reduce electricity costs as positive effect. Now there is something new to the market LED: LED plant light with red and blue LEDs! LED plant light ensures optimum illumination of plants and flowers. This socket is set to best E27 with PAR38 size.

On the new LED plant light sit 162 light-emitting diodes. A precise arrangement of Red LEDs and blue LEDs offers exactly the lighting for the plants they need.

LED grow light for plants, red blue

LED grow plant lamp has usual PAR38 form with E27 screw version.

LED plant lamp PAR38 E27

Balanced combination of blue and red light-emitting diodes provides best light for botanists, gardeners and their plants.

Compared to other LED grow lamps and UFO lamps the PAR38 LED lamp plant directly in existing version is used, without that we would have to rebuild something. Also, these grow plant lighting doesn’t have annoying fan. For quieter is better. In addition, it costs less than 30 euros each lamp growth.

LED Christmas lights in Augsburg with Bioledex

März 20th, 2011
City of Augsburg has chosen 2009 pears for a LED Christmas lights with Bioledex LED. You can see bulbs including on Augsburg Christkindlesmarkt the result State of the art LED.

LED Christmas lights in Augsburg

Christmas market matching just me but lighting can be so beautiful. To do this, the LED fit perfectly pears of the brand Bioledex. Augsburg City Government saves about 5.500,-euros per season through the use of LED Christmas lights. And thus strengthens the positive environmental image of the city.
Also the large Christmas tree shines with many thousands of small, warm white LED bulbs specifically designed for outdoor use and tree lighting by Bioledex. The bright future is clearly the LED lights technology. Learn more about: LED Christmas lights.