LED plant light PAR38 E27 red blue

LED light source ever conquer our everyday lives and help save countless tons of CO2 and reduce electricity costs as positive effect. Now there is something new to the market LED: LED plant light with red and blue LEDs! LED plant light ensures optimum illumination of plants and flowers. This socket is set to best E27 with PAR38 size.

On the new LED plant light sit 162 light-emitting diodes. A precise arrangement of Red LEDs and blue LEDs offers exactly the lighting for the plants they need.

LED grow light for plants, red blue

LED grow plant lamp has usual PAR38 form with E27 screw version.

LED plant lamp PAR38 E27

Balanced combination of blue and red light-emitting diodes provides best light for botanists, gardeners and their plants.

Compared to other LED grow lamps and UFO lamps the PAR38 LED lamp plant directly in existing version is used, without that we would have to rebuild something. Also, these grow plant lighting doesn’t have annoying fan. For quieter is better. In addition, it costs less than 30 euros each lamp growth.

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