LED lamps compared to consumer: Bioledex the brightest LED lamp

Austrian test magazine consumer, Association for consumer’s information VKI, tested LED lamps. Result: Bioledex LED bulb E14 is the brightest LED lamp.

KONSUMENT LED lamps comparison

The independent Austrian magazine consumer compared in issue 2 / 2010 9 current LED lamps and write…

„Only a LED lamp stands out from the test range: the Bioledex, a maiskolben-shaped lamp with small cap and 8 watts of power.“ It comes on a luminous efficiency of 77 lumens per watt. „At a cost of 30 euros she brought to 10,000 hours a costs savings of approximately 140 euro.“


Bioledex LED bulb 8 watts of power with E14 socket. The Bioledex lamp with E27 is available with socket. According to test the innovative LED lamp offers a total of 662 lumens light output (equivalent to a 60 watt bulb), which corresponds to 77 lumens per watt. An outstanding value which not only LED lamp again reached in the test. The second best result was only 36 lumens per watt. Bioledex LED bulb is therefore twice as efficient as the second most efficient lamp in the comparison.

Still it says in the report of the Austrian Association for consumer information on normal energy saving lamps (ESL)…

„LED lamps are more durable as energy-saving bulbs“

„Energy-saving bulbs have the disadvantage that they are strongly lose at low temperatures of brightness also.“ „You are poorly suited as outdoor lighting, LED bulbs are so much better“

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