Warm white LED GX53 lamp

Novelty! LED lamps are now now also for GX53 lamps base available. The LED GX53 lamp here combine the advantages of LED lamps with flat construction of GX53 lamps.

GX53 LED lamp

GX53 LEDs usual diameter and size have Ø 75 × 25 mm – thus the replacement lamps LEDs fit into existing lamp and you will save financial effort to switch already installed equipment, lamps and electronics.

The inner workings of the GX53 lamps it also has in itself. 50 single 5 mm LEDs create 150 lumens light output in the region, with only 4.0 W complete. Energy saving lamp, lamp, no halogen lamp and neon lamps can keep up with such peaks. Standard incandescent bulbs and other incandescent lamps bring it in the brightness to about 8 lumens per watt. New GX53 LED warm white light source creates even 37 lumens per watt in this discipline.

A perfect, low-cost lighting solution for those who want to permanently save energy costs. As lamps up to 25 years can shine LED, also enormous environmental protection over the years come together. This effect will be us and further generations very of use.

Also available: 280 Lumen GX53 LED lamps!

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