LED floodlights 10W as 100W halogen floodlights

New 10W LED floodlights available. High-quality Bioledex ® 10 watt LED floodlights replace normal 100W halogen floodlights/gas discharge lamps and metal halide lamps.

This LED floodlights are super equipped for outdoor, because they are waterproof to IP65 specifications. Energy-saving LED lights in two different colours of light are available, warm white 3000K and 6000K white. White version of the LED outdoor light makes 800 lumens light output. White LED floodlights reach 900 lumens of 10 Watt power consumption.

LED Floodlights

Bioledex ® LED floodlights are due to compact design very flexible in Assembly and handling. With this LED you have not the problem that R7s floodlights blow lamps headlamps, light-emitting diodes known wise extremely long burn. In addition, power savings and thus cost reduction is enormous, with only 10W, this spot is so bright halogen floodlight as 100W.

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