Warm white LED Christmas lights: ideal Christmas lights with Bioledex LEDs

LED Christmas lamps can be SO beautiful! To see the image, the Christmas lights in Augsburg is in 2009. Augsburg has after long and intensive testing for high-quality warm white LED Christmas lights of the brand Bioledex. The result of this decision has made very happy all of the parties.

LED Christmas lights for Christmas lighting with warm white Bioledex LED lamps

Original photo by the Augsburger of Christkindlesmarkt, Christmas tree.

The warm white colour of the Bioledex LED Christmas lamps (E14 and E27 bases) has very pleased numerous visitors of the Christmas market and many people were even surprised that such Christmas atmosphere with modern lamps is possible.

The city of Augsburg General, Lord Mayor, the construction Office and market Office were also convinced by the E27 LED lamp of the brand Bioledex. With the use of special LED Christmas lights, the Government saves namely 5500,-euro per season! Electricity costs amounted to only 500,-euro. With normal incandescent lamps and light bulbs, Christmas lighting cost approximately 6000,-euro. Long burn time also plays the LED lights role for municipalities, districts, cities, markets.

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