New G24 LED lamps – G24 better energy saving lamps

It’s time for new products. This time there are eco-friendly G24 LED lamps. You provide ideal retrofit solution for old G24 energy saving lamps.

G24 compact tubes are often used in the recessed and have 2 or 4 pins. Connected the normal version is similar to fluorescent tubes on a ballast. It changes abruptly with LEDs! Leutdioden can be used without any expensive ballasts lamps. This saves money and even more precious energy, since the ballasts and electronic ballasts consume some Watts.

G24 LED lamps

Following universal G24 LED lamps lamps are available at reasonable prices:
G24 LED G24d-1 2Pin lamp
G24 LED 2Pin G24d-2 energy-saving lamp
G24 LED G24d-3 2Pin retrofit lamps
In addition to energy savings offers a lamp change on energy saving lamps with semiconductor technology far from more advantages. For example, instant switching on of light sources – without heat-up phase, as well as waiver of mercury.

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