G23 LED lamps: 2-pin G23 compact fluorescent lamps

G23 LED Lamps – it eagerly waited many consumers. Because so far it was hardly possible obsolete 2 pin to replace G23 compact fluorescent lamps. Middle way is technology of the compact fluorescent lamps total in the year, and lamps are G23 LED predecessor to lengths more fuel efficient and longer-lasting as their G23.

G23 LED lamps instead of G23 compact fluorescent lamps

LED lamps with 2-pin G23 version have high light output of 440 lumen and consume energy only 6 watts. So, the G23 LEDs reach more than 70 lumens per watt, an outstanding value of efficiency. This led, SMD LED lamps, the white light consumer, 6000K be used.

Modern, eco-friendly 2-pin SMD G23 lamp so usual G23 CFLs replaced, regardless of whether you use LED lamp with or without transformer.

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