5mm and 10mm LED Diodes

5 mm and 10 mm LEDs have diodes almost unlimited application possibilities, because the 5 mm and 10 mm LEDs are cheap, compact and very light.

Here are some applications for single LED diodes:
RC model construction, railway models, models of aircraft, RC helicopters, remote-controlled ships and U Messenger, indirect lighting of various goods, white or warm white accent lighting of furniture and sculptures. Bright lighting components in mobile phones, DPAs, navigation devices, portable computer games, PC keyboard, PC modding.

5mm and 10mm LED Lightdiodes

Homemade red backlighting of displays, LED TV backlighting. Great scope in the car, e.g. car tuning generally, blue pulse light, orange illumination of the switching clubs, buttons and controls. 5 mm and 10 mm LEDs provide also for engineering much light as green lighting of electrical and electronic components.

Very interesting also for advertisers: application in LED billboards in tickers, colored 3D character lighting in lettering by company name, bars, shops. And many more ways economical and safe 5 mm and 10 mm light-emitting diodes to operate – all also in different colors! White, warm white, blue, green, orange, red.

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